The Best Time to Sell Your RV: 5 Factors to Consider


Published : November 24, 2022
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You might have many reasons for wanting to sell your RV. Perhaps, you are ready for an upgrade and need to sell your old one before you purchase a new one. It might be that life has changed, and you no longer need that big rig and want to trade it in for a smaller one. You might also want to upgrade to a newer RV equipped with modern tech and amenities. Finally, your RV might have gotten so old, tired, or damaged that it became unusable. Regardless of your circumstances, you probably want to know when to sell an RV is the best time.

Tips for Selling an Old RV

If you have been considering selling your RV and have decided to do so, you will inevitably ask yourself, “should I sell my RV this year or wait until a better time?” The RV market is seasonal, and timing can mean the difference between getting a good price or regretting the decision. Regardless of when you sell your RV, you need to consider a few factors that might apply.

Know Your Buyers

The RV community is unique, and enthusiasts can be found in magazines and clubs online. You also might try to find some word-of-mouth buyers through friends who also RV. For example, if you take your rig out, put a sign in its window to let people know you are selling it. You can also let people know through your social media pages. You have many methods available to help you find potential buyers for your RV.

You first need to consider who you think you can attract as buyers. Of course, this will depend on the type of motorhome you have to sell. You can price it for that market if you have a high-end model. In this case, pricing it too low can signal that there’s something wrong with it.

Likewise, if your motorhome is in poor condition, pricing it too high is a mistake. You might get a lot of interest, but they will not buy it when they see it in person. Pricing is one of the keys to finding the right buyer for your RV.

Who buys old motorhomes? The answer is that many different types of people own RVs and motorhomes. You can find buyers that range from those on a tight budget to those who can afford a few more luxuries. Buyers range from retirees looking to take longer trips to weekend warriors and families. Before you begin selling your RV, one of the best tips is to think about who would be more likely to buy the vehicle you have to offer. Here are a few things to consider:

  • How old is your RV?
  • What brand is it?
  • How popular is the style?
  • What is its condition?
  • Has it been used heavily?
  • Where do you live?
  • Is the technology up-to-date?
  • What amenities does it have?

The first thing to do is to assess the RV you have to offer. Then, it would be best if you found comparable RVs in your area to get an idea of what to ask. The final step is asking yourself what type of person would likely buy your RV. This will help you locate buyers and know where to begin pricing. Of course, you can always modify this later when you see the type of responses you begin to receive.

What is the Best Time to Sell an RV?

Now that you know what type of buyer might be interested in your RV, the next question is, “what is the best time to sell my RV?” The answer to that can depend on many factors.

1. Camping Season

The best time to sell an RV is during camping season. Even if people have been thinking about getting an RV, they will be more willing to purchase one and get out to use it soon after the purchase. Of course, when the camping season begins will depend on where you live and the climate. Remember that you might want to start advertising shortly before the season starts to ensure that potential buyers haven’t already made a purchase.

2. High Demand

The best time to sell your old RV is when inventory is low and demand is high. It means peak season. Since RVers usually make their summer plans in the winter, January and February seem to be the best months to put your motorhome or toy hauler for sale.

The demand for RVs has witnessed high peaks during the past several years. When the pandemic hit, it disrupted the supply chain in nearly every industry. It meant that dealerships could not get parts or new inventory. This means it is a perfect time for private sellers to jump in and take advantage of this supply shortage. The best time to say goodbye to your RV is right now before the market completely recovers.

3. Sunny Location

Just as with real estate, location is key to selling your RV. If you live in a sunny location with plenty of RV parks and destinations in the area, selling your RV should be easier. If you do not live in a sunny location, you should have friends or relatives who live in warmer climates to sell it for you. The proper time to sell your RV is during high-demand periods, so it makes sense to put it on the market soon if you have been thinking about it for some time.

4. Low-Interest Rates

Another factor that affects RV sales is interest rates. When interest rates dip low, and people get a good deal on financing, they are more likely to buy. Low-interest rates will affect the willingness of buyers to take that step and make the purchase when they can save some money in the long run. Low-interest rates might decide between purchasing an RV now or waiting until later. If interest rates are low during a high-demand period, then it is a good time to consider taking advantage of those two factors while they still exist.

5. Focusing on Junk RV Buyers

If your rig has seen better days, you might need help finding a private buyer. Many dealerships have minimum standards that must be met to sell your RV on consignment with them. The good news is that all is not lost, and some companies will buy your old RV for cash any time of the year and in any condition. You cannot expect the actual market price for it if you go this route, but you can get at least something for your RV that would otherwise be junk.

If you decide to sell your RV to one of these companies, you should check its reputation by reading online reviews and searching for them through the Better Business Bureau. You will often get less for your RV than when going through other channels to find buyers, but this can be one of the best tips for selling an old RV or when you must get rid of your rig quickly in the off-season.

Where to Find Buyers for Your Old RV

Knowing the best time to sell your RV is important, but the next hurdle is finding buyers. Today, you have many options. Of course, you can always try an online marketplace, but there might be better places to find your target market. Unfortunately, with this option, you will likely have to contend with many buyers who are not serious or ready to buy.

Knowing where to sell your RV is another consideration. Selling your RV on consignment through a dealership might be a good option. One advantage of this method is that dealerships already have an established clientele in the RV market. However, one of the disadvantages of this option is that you will not get to keep the full asking price for your RV. Instead, you will have to pay the dealership an agreed-upon price. Nevertheless, consignment sales are an excellent way to find your target market with much less work than advertising your RV and finding buyers yourself.

On the other hand, selling your junk RV to specialized buyers who don’t care about seasons or the condition of your camper, for that matter, might be the best solution to remove the unsightly rig from your backyard and make some money in the process.

Things to Know and Do Before Selling Your Old RV

Knowing the best time to sell an RV is only part of the trick to getting the best price for your rig. One of the best tips for selling an RV is to step back and take a hard look at your rig from a buyer’s perspective. You know that you are willing to pay more if the rig looks like someone has taken care of it and kept it maintained.

You should consider doing a few things before placing your RV for sale.

  • Give it a good wash
  • Clean any upholstery
  • Fix anything that is broken
  • Clean the roof with an approved cleaner
  • Give it a good detailing
  • Ensure you have the proper paperwork to initiate the sale

Giving your rig a good shine will give buyers the impression that you have kept it in good shape. Impressions are everything and can make a difference in whether a buyer is willing to pay your asking price or whether they will ask you to lower it. If you cannot fix the issues yourself, you will need to consider whether you should lower your price or whether the cost of getting them fixed is worth the return.

Another thing you want to consider when pricing your RV is whether you have made any upgrades. If you have, include the cost of those items in your asking price. Also, check the MSRP and NADA book value to find a fair asking price. According to the NADA, you can always ask for less than this value if you want to sell your rig quickly, but you can never ask for more than what it is worth.

One thing to do before you begin selling your RV is to make sure your title is in order. You cannot sell your RV without a title in place. If you have lost your original title, you will have to check with the vehicle registrar in your state to find the procedures for replacing it. Moreover, selling your rig might become difficult if it has a salvage or rebuilt title. In this case, a specialized junk RV buyer might be your only choice in getting rid of your trailer.

One Final Tip on What to Consider Before Giving Away Your Old RV

The best period to sell an RV is during the winter (after the holidays) or the beginning of the camping season (April/May) when demand and supplies are low. Also, when interest rates are low, it can entice buyers to move on to making the purchase. Therefore, timing is important when selling your RV. You also need to consider selling it through a dealership or selling it privately. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you sell through a dealership, you will have to split what you get with them, but you will not have the hassle of advertising. Dealerships usually have large customer bases already established and a professional advertising team. In a private sale, you will get to keep everything you make after taxes, but you will also have to decide how and where to advertise. This can take considerable time and effort. Then, there is the time needed to respond to all the ad inquiries and weed through all those who are not serious or qualified buyers.

Selling your RV through an established dealership is often the best way to gain access to a bigger market than you would if you were to sell it on your own.

However, if you are not in a rush to sell, take the time to clean and repair your RV before beginning the sales process. Also, you will be more likely to get a better price if you can wait until the beginning of peak season in your area.

If you have a junk RV you need to get rid of, contact specialized buyers who will offer you cash and free removal from your property. It is worth selling your unusable RV this way than trailing it to the junkyard for no money.

These practical tips for selling your RV will help you get rid of it quickly and get the best price.


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