What Is a Toy Hauler: Features and Advantages


Published : September 22, 2022
Toy Hauler RV

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If you are into sports and adventure, you may already know a little about toy haulers. This towable trailer is designed to transport toys and gear safely to the destination. Most toy haulers are either fifth wheels or travel trailers, although some motorhome models can also be toy haulers. This type of trailer targets anyone who owns adventure and sports gear like UTVs, mountain bikes, and motorcycles and needs some extra cargo space. At the back, a toy hauler features a designated ramp for easy loading. Think of them as a spacious garage you can use for cargo, or a space you can customize into a substantial living space.

What Is a Toy Hauler? – Definition

One aspect that makes toy haulers stand out is how easy they are to repurpose. The variety of models and floor plans allows owners to personalize the interior of a toy hauler into a pleasant living space. Some toy hauler ramps can be lowered and fixed to create a terrace for you to enjoy the outdoors. 

A toy hauler is a towable travel trailer that features a garage and a built-in ramp for easy access. The main purpose of toy haulers is to help owners bring any toys and gear with them on their next adventure. Although specifically made to carry cargo, toy haulers can also make great living spaces.

Toy Hauler: Features and Specs

Toy haulers are a common investment for those who are passionate about their hobbies and lifestyle. Apart from providing safe transportation for multiple types of toys and gear, toy haulers can be used as extra storage space for your equipment even when you are not traveling. 

Depending on the manufacturer, toy haulers can feature a wide range of amenities, from good-sized living areas to kitchens and sleeping areas. A toy hauler is also a towable trailer, meaning that you can always park it and detach from it to explore without the extra load, while your gear remains safe and out of attention.

Types of Toy Haulers

There are many types of RVs that are considered toy haulers.

  • Class A motorhome toy hauler

A Class A motorhome toy hauler is everything you would expect from a Class A, but with an extra garage area. Some Class A toy haulers offer the option to tow a second vehicle. This type of toy hauler is also among the most expensive.

  • Class C motorhome toy hauler

Class C toy haulers are a smaller version of what you would get with a Class A toy hauler. 

  • Fifth wheel toy hauler

A fifth wheel toy hauler must be towed by a large truck that has a fifth wheel hitch installed. These are some of the most spacious types of toy haulers.

  • Travel trailer toy hauler

This type of toy hauler makes use of a travel trailer’s frame, and the towing vehicle attaches using a bumper hitch. This kind of toy hauler is also known as a pull-behind.

Toy Hauler Specs

Toy haulers come in all shapes and sizes and can serve many purposes. The average model can be anywhere between 7.5–8 feet wide, and between 10–14 feet long. Nevertheless, some models can be up to 20 feet long. Most trailer and fifth wheel toy haulers can hold from 3,000 to 10,000 pounds of cargo. The technical specs for standard models include:

  • Storage: Ranges from moderate to high, with plenty of storage solutions
  • Weight: Ranges from 3,600 to 20,000 pounds when unloaded
  • Gas mileage: Depends on the capacity of the towing vehicle and the weight and size of the trailer 
  • Sleeping capacity: Accommodates from 2 to 10 people
  • Other amenities: Options for incorporating kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and more
  • Price range: Prices range from $12,000 to $250,000

Some of the best motorhome manufacturers include Forest River, Keystone, Heartland, Eclipse Recreational Vehicles, and Grand Design.

Toy Haulers: Special Requirements

To decide which toy hauler type is the right for you, you must first think about your budget and towing possibilities. While Class A and C motorhome toy haulers have an engine of their own, travel trailer and fifth wheel models must be towed by a second vehicle.

Having a toy hauler requires extra maintenance. These trailers feature parts that you won’t normally see in other RV classes and types. From time to time, some hinges must be oiled to avoid any damage to the ramp’s system and the holding system checked regularly.

Toy Hauler Pros and Cons

With a wide range of models available, toy haulers can have various sizes and support different loads. Some models can carry 2 adult-size four-wheelers side by side while others will split the interior into a smaller garage and a larger living space. How much cargo a toy hauler can carry is one of the main aspects to consider while weighing its pros and cons.

Here are some of the advantages that stand out in a toy hauler:

  • Passengers can transport heavy gear safely and keep it protected when the trailer is parked.
  • Toy haulers can be customized and designed to serve various purposes – from a means of transportation to a cozy living space.
  • Adventurers can save some extra costs by bringing their own equipment instead of renting it.
  • The loading ramp can be lowered to create an outdoor porch.
  • Toy haulers keep your gear protected from bad weather.
  • You can easily detach the toy hauler and proceed to explore the surroundings without the extra load.

With so many models available, toy haulers can have a number of disadvantages for first-time owners:

  • In the case of toy hauler travel trailers and fifth wheels you will need a powerful towing vehicle.
  • Toy haulers aren’t the easiest to park and maneuver.
  • It can be challenging to enter a campground due to its big size.
  • It offers less living space than a fifth wheel or travel trailer.
  • Extravagant designs can make some of the models very expensive.
  • Temperature control can be an issue when garages don’t have insulation.

It is very easy to decide on a type of toy hauler if you have determined how much cargo you will need to carry. After that, decide whether you wish to use the trailer as storage space for your toys only or plan on spending some comfortable time in it too. The good news is that there is a wide selection of models you can research and find one that checks all the boxes.

Who Should Use a Toy Hauler?

Toy haulers are meant to help their owners transport any of their toys and extra gear with ease and safety. Thus, adventurers and sports or extreme activity enthusiasts are the ones to benefit the most from having a toy hauler. These travel trailers can accommodate multiple items while on the road, but also secure them while left unattended.

What is rarely talked about when it comes to toy haulers is their living and sleeping features. Although toy haulers have the purpose of transporting gear, travelers can also use their interior for accommodation. Many toy hauler models feature foldaway tables and seating, or queen-sized beds that can be raised and lowered as needed. Families can easily embark on a comfortable vacation and bring their gear along.

Full-timers can also benefit from the many configurations a toy hauler allows for. The living space can be customized to match personal preferences and create the cozy feeling of a fully-equipped motorhome. 

What Are the License Requirements to Drive a Toy Hauler?

You’d only need a standard driver’s license to tow a toy hauler unless you are planning on purchasing a huge model. No special license is necessary to drive any RV camper under 26,000 pounds.

What to Look for in a Toy Hauler?

If you want to be sure that you get the perfect toy hauler for your purposes, you need to keep some things in mind. Many toy haulers have garage spaces that are between 7.5 and 8 feet wide. Make sure the garage has enough room for the equipment you intend to transport.

Consider the number of individuals that will be using the trailer and look for any built-in elements that you would like the model to feature, such as showers, kitchenware, or any other necessity.

What Is a Toy Hauler? Bottom Line

Toy haulers serve their purpose well and can go even further. Adventurers, families, and full-timers can immensely benefit from the features of a toy hauler and how easy they are to convert. These trailers will keep your toys safe and protected trip by trip while you can benefit from the comforts of a living space and the additional opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Toy Haulers: FAQs

People who are looking into toy hauler trailers also ask:

Does a car fit in a toy hauler?

While some models can hold a small and compact vehicle, medium-sized cars may not fit in the average toy hauler.

How do I know if a truck camper will fit my truck?

To assist consumers with determining the manufactured capacity of the truck, truck manufacturers supply them with a number of ratings. Some of these ratings can be found in the owner’s manual, on a label in the glove box, on the driver’s side door jam, or in other written materials.

How much weight can a toy hauler support?

The maximum weight a toy hauler can hold depends on the model. While the average toy hauler can carry from 3,000 to 5,000 pounds, the smaller models will only be able to hold 2,000 pounds.

Can you fit ATVs in a toy hauler?

Yes, some toy hauler models can fit two ATVs side by side. How many toys and the maximum weight you can load on a toy hauler depends on the size of the model.

Can I extend a toy hauler?

Yes, there are many options for owners to extend their toy hauler. Nevertheless, this should only be done by professionals are done by a professional to ensure that the trailer remains safe for use.

What to do with an old toy hauler?

You can sell your used toy hauler travel trailer directly to us, or advertise it yourself. You can find potential buyers online, or by posting an ad in your local newspaper. Local sales can be very comfortable, as they save owners a lot of time and money on transportation. Toy haulers offer spacious areas that are highly convertible, so before selling, consider turning your trailer into an extra living space in your garden that you could even rent out.


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