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What is the Best Place to Sell an RV?


Published : July 18, 2023

There comes a time in each RV owner's life when they decide it's time to sell their home-on-wheels, and they start to search for 'the best place to sell my RV?'. Some choose to sell because they're ready to upgrade, while others must sell due to financial issues and need the dough. Finally, some are simply looking to make some money out of an RV that has reached the end of its usefulness, so their solution is to type the 'best place to sell RV online.'

No matter your reason, once you've made the decision, you'll want to know the best place to sell an RV, especially if it is too old to drive anymore. Your options can change depending on several different factors. In this article, we'll help you to make the best choice of where to sell yours.

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Top Best Places to Sell an RV

There are several options for where to sell a used motorhome. The best one depends on your priorities. Are you looking for a fast sale? Perhaps you're uncomfortable meeting random strangers interested in buying your RV. Maybe you have time on your side and want to hold out for the best deal. What if yours is beaten up beyond repair? Each scenario is different, so different places to sell an RV may not be right for everyone.

Once you've narrowed down what you're comfortable with, the best place to sell your RV will most likely become apparent. Each method will have pros and cons, which are worth considering. However, if your preferred

'cheap RV for sale near me', method of sale isn't panning out; you may need to stray outside your comfort zone. Again, it'll all depend on your priorities.

For trailer owners who prefer a face-to-face sales experience, you have a couple of options. For some, this is the best way to sell an RV.

Find a Reputable RV Dealership to Sell Your Old RV

It makes sense to sell your old rig to an RV dealership. They have the foot traffic of prospective RV buyers, and dealerships are usually looking to buy used ones in good condition. If yours is less than a decade old and doesn't have the battle scars of hundreds of miles on less-than-kind backroads, offering it up for sale to an RV dealership is a valid option.

You'll have two options when selling an RV to a dealership:

  1. They may offer to buy yours outright, meaning they'll offer a price, and maybe after a bit of haggling, you'll come to a mutually agreed-upon price. Then, they'll buy your RV and put it on their lot for sale.
  2. The other option an RV dealership may offer is to take your RV on a consignment basis. They won't buy it from you but will place the RV into their available inventory of used RVs for sale. Once they sell it for you, you'll receive payment minus whatever commission percentage you've agreed to and possibly some other fees, such as cleaning and prep.

There are advantages to selling your used RV to a dealership:

  •  If they purchase your motorhome directly, you'll only have to deal with one person and be paid that same day. It's a quick sale with minimal interaction with people.
  • If the dealership has agreed to try and sell the RV for you on a consignment basis, they do all of the work for you, saving you the uncomfortableness and time-consuming process of dealing with strangers.

The downside of selling to or consigning with a dealership is financial. RV dealerships are looking to profit from your RV and won't be offering you top dollar for your rig. If you're looking for a fast sale and money isn't your top priority, selling to a dealership might be right.

Use the Old "For Sale" Sign

Popping a for sale sign in the RVs window may seem a bit old-fashioned, but for some used RV owners, this method works just fine. This old-school sales method works best when the RV is visible to many people and may not work great if parked in your driveway.

Even if you're still using your rig, a "for sale" sign in its window with your phone number or email address is free advertising. Buyers could see it when you're parked in a lot on a break or, even better when you're parked in an RV campground. Other RVers there could be looking to upgrade or downsize, which could spark a sale.

The benefit of the simple placement of a for sale sign is its low cost. You don't even need to spend a couple of bucks to purchase a sign. A handwritten cardboard one works just as well. However, the obvious downsides are interacting with strangers and endlessly waiting for prospective buyers. But, if you have time, this method could work for you, especially if you do not want to search for 'who buys RVs outright.'

Where Is the Best Place to Sell an RV Online?

Selling an RV with the help of your phone or laptop is a viable option. With an internet connection, you can list your used RV for sale from anywhere. With the potential for hundreds or even thousands of views, selling online could be right for you. There are many ways to do so, and if you find the right audience and your ad or listing has caught their eye, you could sell your RV fast.

When using this method, you must have recent photos of your rig. Naturally, you'll want to use ones that highlight its best features, but it's crucial to use ones that represent the RVs condition fairly and accurately. Nothing will tank a sale quicker than an inaccurate portrayal of RVs for sale appearance. Likewise, not mentioning any cosmetic damage, no matter how small, won't help you to sell your RV.

Facebook Marketplace

With millions of users, Facebook Marketplace is a great place to list your used RV for sale. Listings are free and will be available for users within your specific geographical area. Buyers can search for used RVs using search parameters such as zip code or state and then contact sellers. This is an easy way to reach a large audience.

However, using Facebook Marketplace to sell your rig is hit or miss. Your listing could easily get lost in the mix. And if you do connect with an interested buyer, you'll have to deal with them face-to-face, and there's always the possibility of being scammed.

Facebook Groups

Along with using Facebook Marketplace to list your rig, you can join one of the many Facebook groups catering to RV owners, RV life, and such to information on the 'best place to sell my RV.' This can be a great way to advertise your RV and connect with those looking to buy a new one. However, just like other online advertising methods, connecting with a scammer who is up to no good is always possible. In addition, advertising in a Facebook RV group could go against the group's rules, and there's no guarantee that you'll connect with a buyer.


Craigslist has been a longtime go-to for folks selling almost anything, including RVs. This free website is broken down by geographical location, so RV sellers can easily target a specific area and post their ads in the appropriate location. For example, you can easily search 'Craiglist RVs Roseburg, Oregon' if you are in the region and immediately have some satisfying results. It's easy to use and has proved to be a reliable method for generating a sale for some.

However, in recent years, Craigslist has had a reputation for being the best place to be scammed. Therefore, if you choose this method, be aware that those who contact you may only be interested in hustling and not so much in buying your RV.

Online RV Forums

Many different RV forums allow you to list and connect with those interested in purchasing a used RV. Although most are legitimate and honest, you must proceed cautiously when dealing with a random stranger who just responded to a message about 'RVs for sale.' This isn't to say that you'll be scammed, but the possibility certainly does exist.

What to Do with a Broken RV

Those who own less-than-desirable RVs could have a difficult time trying to find a buyer. With abundant RVs for sale at any given time, trying to unload an older, high-mileage rig could prove fruitless. The search for a buyer becomes exponentially more difficult if your motorhome has reached the end of its life or is close to falling apart.

Fortunately, even RVs with severe issues still have value.

Trying to get rid of an RV that doesn't run is a hard sell. Dealerships will turn their noses at them, as will most of the general public. However, if yours has reached the end of its lifespan or the cost of repairs doesn't justify its resale value, you can sell it to a specialized RV dealer who purchases junk RVs. There's no haggling with random strangers over price or dealing with shady brokers trying to make a quick buck.

What Is the Best Form of Payment When Selling an RV?

When selling an RV to a reputable dealership, there's little worry about being paid properly. However, you may be worried about what is the best form of payment when selling your RV to a total stranger. Sure, they may seem nice and honest, but there are hustlers out there who will try to beat you out of a deal and provide a payment that you'll soon learn is fraudulent.

When making a private sale, the best way to protect yourself is to ask for cash. If your RV's selling price isn't too high, asking for cash wouldn't be inappropriate. Although possible, it's highly unlikely that you'd be paid with counterfeit bills. It could, however, be uncomfortable to ask for payment in cash if the amount is thousands of dollars. No one feels safe withdrawing five or more thousand dollars from the bank and carrying it around.

Another typically safe alternative to cash includes cashier's checks since these are guaranteed by the bank and not the individual. 

It's not advised to accept a personal check, as they can be easily counterfeited, or the full amount of the funds may not be available. If the junk RV buyer is firm on paying with a personal check, it's a good idea to wait to transfer the ownership until the check has cleared your bank.

How Can I Sell My RV without Getting Scammed?

Selling an RV can be challenging, especially if it's your first time. Scammers are always looking for opportunities to defraud people, especially those who fall easily for any ad that appears after typing 'best places to sell my RV online.' So, you must be vigilant throughout the selling process. Let's see some tips to help you sell your RV safely and avoid getting scammed:

1.     Know your RV's value: Before setting a price for your RV, research its current market value. Check out similar RVs for sale in your area and online to get an idea of what people are willing to pay. If your motorhome is old, severely damaged, unusable, or salvaged, contact a specialized dealer buying junk trailers. They will likely offer you a good price for your used RV and tow it for free.

2.     Use reputable online marketplaces: Use trusted online platforms to list your RV for sale. Beware of scams or phishing attempts, and only communicate through the site's messaging system.

3.     Don't give out personal information: Be cautious when communicating with potential junk RV buyers. Do not give out your personal information like your address, phone number, or email unless you have verified their identity.

4.     Request a cash payment: Cash is the safest form of payment when selling an old RV. However, if a buyer insists on paying by check or money order, wait until the payment clears before transferring the RV ownership.

5.     Take a test drive together: Before finalizing the deal, take the buyer on a test drive to ensure they are happy with the RV's condition.

6.     Get a signed bill of sale: The sale paperwork should include the sale price, date, and both parties' names and addresses.

7.     Transfer the title: Once the payment has been made, transfer the RV's title to the RV buyer. Ensure all the necessary documents are signed and verified by the proper authorities.

Following these tips, you can safely sell your RV without getting scammed. Remember to use your instincts and always be cautious during the selling process. Moreover, if your trailer has a salvage or rebuilt title, your best choice is a dealer in your state who can buy the junk for a fair price.

Best Places to Sell An RV: The Bottom Line

Selling an RV can be an exciting yet stressful experience. You'll want to get the most money for it and want the effort you put into selling it to be as easy as possible.

You have a couple of options depending on your priorities and your comfort zone. Some choose to sell directly to an RV dealership, while others prefer to sell to the general public to get the most value from their used motorhomes.

Those with older, run-down, and possibly not running RVs face a unique challenge when it comes to selling. Their best option is to sell the junk trailer to a specialized dealer that buys RVs that are difficult to sell. You'll get a fair price and a no-hassle experience. Some will even come to you and tow it for free and deal with all the necessary paperwork, so you have nothing to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about the best place to sell an RV? Read the answers to some of the most common inquiries or go ahead and contact us directly.

Where is the best place to get the value of an RV?

The best place to get the value of an RV is often through online resources and tools specifically designed for RV valuation. Websites such as heyrv.com provide comprehensive databases and valuation tools that consider factors like make, model, year, condition, and additional features. These platforms offer reliable estimates based on market trends and historical data, assisting RV owners in determining a fair and competitive value for their vehicles.

What is the best time of year to sell a used RV?

The best time of year to sell a used RV is typically during the spring and early summer months. This period aligns with the RV buying season when many potential buyers are actively searching for recreational vehicles to use during the warmer months. 

Additionally, selling in the spring allows buyers to prepare and enjoy their RVs during the summer travel season. However, regional variations and individual circumstances can influence the optimal time to sell, so it’s advisable to consider factors such as local climates, economic conditions, and personal preferences.

Do I have to pay anything to sell my RV?

The expenses associated with selling your RV can vary based on the chosen method. If selling to a dealership, be aware of potential fees for services like paperwork and cleaning. Advertising costs may apply if using online platforms or classified ads. 

Transportation costs should be considered for selling to buyers in different locations. Legal and administrative fees, such as title transfer or notary charges, may also apply.

Authorized online RV buyers like HeyRV don't require the seller to support any additional costs. The estimate, pick-up, handling of the paperwork, and finalizing the transaction won't involve any costs on your part.


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