Cash for Salvage Title RV

Even if a salvage title RV has a reduced resale value, it does not mean it is worth nothing. On the contrary, you can get good cash for it. Do you consider selling it to buy a new vehicle or make some money fast? We are here to help!

We buy salvage title RVs at top prices in California and neighboring states!

Get the most money for your RV with salvage title now! Our certified appraisers guarantee the offered price. We will also handle paperwork and collection, so don’t worry about anything.

We buy salvage RVs, with or without major problems, running or not, in good shape or totaled in California and neighboring states.

Are you ready to turn your salvage title RV into good money? Fill out the form and sell it.

Do you have questions about selling your salvage title RV, camper, toy hauler, or trailer? Contact us now for more details.

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We buy salvage title RVs at top prices in California and neighboring states!

How to Sell Your Salvage Title RV for Hassle-Free, Good Cash?

When you are selling a salvage title RV, things can get complicated. RV users know the risks of buying such a vehicle, and even if you find a buyer, the process is exhausting. Add the paperwork, the logistics behind the collection, and the little money you get, and you know you don’t have a good deal.

Selling your salvage title RV directly to us spares you of all these troubles. We stand behind our price, and we handle everything for your peace of mind. Let’s see how things work!

Get a Free Estimate on Your Salvage Title RV

If you have a totaled RV with salvage title, you might not know how much it is worth. Some of its parts may work well, while others may be beyond salvation. To know how much your salvage title RV is worth, fill out the form or contact us for a personalized and detailed appraisal. We need the make, model, and year of your RV and other information regarding the specifications, title, and the vehicle’s condition. You will get an offer from us as quickly as possible!

Schedule Pickup

If you take our offer, we will work with you to schedule the collection of your salvage title RV, camper, trailer, or hauler in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. We will deal with the paperwork and ensure we remove the vehicle from your property at your convenience.

Get Paid

From the moment you request your free quote, we make due diligence to send your money fast.  We pay for your vehicle via bank transfer as soon as we close the deal.

We Buy All Salvage Title RVs for Fast Cash

If you hope to get cash for your salvage title RV, you can try with private buyers or salvage yards, but nobody guarantees you a good price. Instead of wasting time and effort with listings, brokers, classified ads, or auctions, sell your salvage title RV directly to us! Here is what we buy:


Salvage title campers


Salvage title travel trailers


Salvage title fifth wheelers and toy haulers

We buy salvage title RVs whether they are running or not, have mechanical issues, suffered total losses, or went through partial reconditioning. All you need to do is give us detailed information regarding its condition and the parts that work or don’t work (engine, frame, siding, appliances, motor parts, etc.).

Why Choose Us to Buy Your RV with Salvage Title?

When you put a salvage title RV for sale, you can expect to get less money than its official retail listed value, even if the vehicle is still running. The more you let your RV sit in your back yard collecting dust and rust, the poorer the condition it will display. We want to make all your troubles go away. Here is why you should sell your salvaged RV to us:

Fair Salvage Title Appraisals

A salvage title RV could still run or have some functional parts. We will consider all your details to make you a real-time market value offer.

Stress-Free Paperwork

We will help you with the paperwork – such as title transfers – and deal with all the documentation required in the state to ensure a seamless transaction.

Free Salvage RV Pickup

We will work together to find the best time and arrange RV pickup. The areas we serve include California and neighboring states.

Immediate Payments

Turning your totaled RV into cash has never been easier. You will have your money very fast.

Sell My Salvage Title RV: Frequently Asked Questions

Check the answers below to our clients’ most frequently asked questions if you want to learn more about selling your salvage title RV.

What is a Salvage Title Concerning RVs?

Most vehicles have what they call a “clean title.” Sometimes, when a vehicle has been in a major accident, the state requires the owner to turn in their clean title and get a salvage title. In the RV world, a salvage title indicates that an RV, trailer, camper, or motorhome has at some point been in a major accident, even if the damage has been repaired.

In California, you will most likely get a salvage title for your RV when the insurer decides that your vehicle suffered too much damage and is too destroyed to be worthy of repairs or rebuilding.

Why Should I Sell my Salvage Title RV?

A salvage title RV is, in most cases, unusable properly and safely. For this reason, you should consider getting rid of it to free up some space, make some money, and avoid holding onto a vehicle that only loses its value progressively. We are here to take it off your hands and pay good cash for it.

Who Buys Salvage Title RVs?

Private buyers, salvage yards, and RV restoration companies are in the business of buying an RV with a salvage title for parts or scrap metal. Hey RV is among the most reputable RV buyers who will collect your vehicle for free and pay you a fair, real-market price for it.

How Do I Sell My Salvage Title RV?

You can search for salvage yards in your area, auction your vehicle on dedicated platforms, pitch to private buyers, or find restoration companies.

On the other hand, the process is long and unpredictable. Sometimes, you must deliver the RV to the buyer yourself, which is difficult and costly. One of the simplest solutions is to contact us and give us all the details of your salvage title RV. We will return with an offer, pick up the vehicle from you, and pay fast good cash for it too.

Sell My RV Fast, Easy, and Safe!

We buy all types of RVs at the best prices, regardless of their quality and condition. Everything can happen very quickly and without wasted time on your part.

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