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Value My RV – Learn Your Camper’s Worth

How do I value my RV? What is my RV worth to sell? And how do I know I will get a good offer for it?

If all these questions stop you from deciding to sell your junk RV, salvage title motorhome, or wreckage camper, we have the solution!

Use this RV value calculator to learn how much your old RV is worth and how much cash you can get from us.

Why Should You Use the RV Value Estimator?

Instead of wasting time and effort estimating used travel trailer values or understanding how the market establishes prices for used RVs, campers, trailers, and fifth wheelers, check out for yourself!

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What Is My RV Worth: Calculate Now!

To learn how much cash you can get for your used RV or junk trailer, first, you need to tell us some details about it. The RV value calculator works with real-time market data to deliver a quick and fair cash appraisal.

How to Get a Quick Appraisal to Sell Your RV?

Hey RV is ready to buy your used RV (classes A, B, and C), salvage title campers, junk trailers, fifth-wheelers, wreckage toy-haulers, etc., at the best prices on the market. Here is how we work!

RV Value

Learn what your RV is worth by using the RV value estimator.

No Paperwork

Contact us to finalize the deal and details regarding paperwork and pickup in California and neighboring states.

Get your money fast.

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Sell Your Junk RV Fast for Top Cash

Some people wonder whether their beat-down RVs or junk motorhomes are worth anything. Others wonder if they will get good cash for their vehicles. Don't worry about anything!

We will purchase your vehicle for cash outright, depending on your real-market RV value. No negotiations, no back-and-forth emails, no wasted time.

Value My RV: Types of Vehicles

Our RV price calculator helps you quickly determine the value of:

Class A RVs

Class B RVs

Class C RVs

Travel Trailers

Truck Campers

Pop-up Campers


Fifth Wheelers

Toy Haulers

If you didn't find your vehicle on this list, contact us today to offer you a quick appraisal of what you have for sale!

My RV Value: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know the Value of my RV?

The cash value of your RV, used motorhome, salvage camper, or wreckage trailer is determined by the vehicle's type, year, actual condition, special features, traits, etc. You can learn the value of your RV by using our calculator or sending us the information required for a quick appraisal.

How Does the Calculator Value my RV?

Our RV value estimator works with real-time market data and market trends regarding used, junk, or salvage RVs, motorhomes, fifth wheelers, toy haulers, campers, etc. Our cash appraisals are based on new and junk wholesale and retail RV prices. In determining the cash value of your RV, we consider the year, make, model, condition, and more.

What Other Factors Contribute to my RV Value?
If you have a customized but old and unusable vehicle, we will consider its unique features too. You might think you would get little cash for a wreckage camper, but we base our appraisals on your vehicle's customizations, vintage features, unique characteristics, and more. For this reason, we have some of the highest prices offered on the market.
How do you Evaluate my RV Value?

We have access to local and national databases regarding used RVs, wreckage, salvage, junk campers, travel trailers, and fifth wheelers' market trends and prices. Remember that manufacturer, age, and model are important criteria, as some brands keep their worth much better and longer than others.

How Does a Quick RV Appraisal Help Me?

We know that keeping junk RVs or campers with no chance of getting rid of them is a burden – financially and logistically. And we also know that getting quick cash for your used vehicle might solve many of your current issues.

So, if you want to get money fast and get rid of your wreckage or salvage title RV, the best course of action is to use our RV value estimator, learn how much we can give you, and contact us for a smooth, painless transaction. You could sell it on your own – perform market research, negotiate with buyers, deal with paperwork. However, knowing what your RV is worth upfront and having someone ready to buy it for a good price makes things so much easier.

Sell My RV Fast, Easy, and Safe!

We buy all types of RVs at the best prices, regardless of their quality and condition. Everything can happen very quickly and without wasted time on your part.

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