Cash for Junk Motorhome Hassle-Free!

Do you have a used motorhome you want to get rid of and make good money in the process?

We are ready to buy your used motorhome now anywhere in California and neighboring states!

We pay top cash for junk motorhomes, managing paperwork, pickup, and payment at the same time.

Are you ready to turn your junk or salvage title motorhome into cash now? Nothing easier!

Complete the form and get top dollar today!

If you have questions about selling your motorhome, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

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We buy Motorhomes no matter their condition in California and neighboring states!

How Do I Sell My Motorhome to You?

We understand that selling a junk motorhome is not easy, and we want to solve your problems quickly and easily! First of all, we are not intermediaries putting your old recreational vehicle in front of potential buyers. We will buy your motorhome for cash on the spot! So here is how it works!

Ask for an Offer

Get a real-time market evaluation of your junk motorhome. Fill out the form, and we will send you an appraisal in the shortest time possible.

Close the Deal

If you agree with our quote and we shake on it, we will arrange the free pickup of your junk motorhome and deal with paperwork and titles in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.

Get Cash for Yor Your Junk Motorhome

Once everything is in order, you will get instant cash for your motorhome via bank transfer.

We Buy Any and All Motorhomes in California

All we ask is that you give us a good description of your vehicle so we can make you a personalized and accurate offer. We buy any type of motorhome no matter its state, make, model, age, mileage, or condition.

This is what you can sell to us:

Old motorhomes that are still in good condition
Worn and torn motorhomes
Junk motorhomes

Salvage / wreckage / scrap motorhomes


Any other motorhome or parts you have for sale

Why Choose Us to Buy Your Motorhome?

We are a market leader in RV, campers, trailers, and motorhome transactions. We buy any new, old, or junk motorhome, regardless of age, mileage, make, model, or specifications. Here are the reasons why you should choose us to buy your motorhome!

Accurate Evaluations

We offer real-time motorhome evaluations and guarantee you get the best price. Give us a detailed description of your motorhome, and we will pay you the full amount.

Seamless Transactions

Whether your motorhome is almost new, used, old, or totaled, we will manage the paperwork and titles with no problems.

Free Pickup

We work with professionals that will come to your place and collect your vehicle in California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona.

Fast Cash

From the moment you request a quote to the moment we make the secure bank transfer, we can complete the purchase very fast.

We’re buying your Junk Motorhome Anywhere in the US

HeyRV is a Nationwide Company & We can pick up your Motorhome from California & neighboring states up to the Entire US

Sell My Motorhome: Frequently Asked Questions

Find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions we received from the clients who wanted to sell their motorhomes with us.

What is the Best Way to Sell my Motorhome?

If you want to sell your motorhome fast and for good money, we will take it off your hands with no problems. Tell us all the details about your motorized RV, and we will send you a personalized offer. We guarantee the price, so all you have to do is wait for us to collect your vehicle and send you the money.

If I Want to Sell my Motorhome, How do I Know How Much Money I Should Get?

Motorhomes come with a wide range of customizations and features compared to cars and even RVs, which share identical specifications. All the individual designs and accessories matter when establishing a price. Since no two motorhomes are identical, even if they are the same make and model, a personalized offer is the best way to sell them.

To learn the real value of your motorhome (junk, old, totaled, etc.) is to request a professional appraisal from us. Use the form or contact us directly for an evaluation. As you know, the motorhome’s condition, age, and mileage also influence the price. The good news is that we will stand behind our evaluation and guarantee you receive the money you agreed to.

Where Can I Sell my Motorhome?

You have plenty of options to sell your running, damaged, or salvage title motorhome: to a dealer, at an auction, to a direct buyer via classified ads, etc. You can even use intermediaries and brokers to facilitate the sale for a commission.

However, the quickest and safest way people can receive cash for junk motorhomes is with us. No hassle, fees, wasted time, dreadful paperwork, or title problems. You give us all the details about your vehicle, we guarantee the best price on the market, collect your motorhome for free, and pay you the money.

Will You Buy my Motorhome No Matter its Condition?

Yes, we will buy any broken down/not running/bad motor/bad transmission motorhome. Give us all the details by filling out the form or discussing its specifications with one of our professionals. While motorhomes are niche products and their price depends on many factors, you can count on us to buy your old, damaged, running, junk, wreck, or salvage.

Sell My RV Fast, Easy, and Safe!

We buy all types of RVs at the best prices, regardless of their quality and condition. Everything can happen very quickly and without wasted time on your part.

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