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Junk RV Removal for Free

Getting rid of your old RV, camper, or travel trailer isn’t easy at all. If it is not running anymore, you cannot drive it to the landfill. On top of that, most landfills won’t accept it. So how do you remove the junk eyesore from your property? Contact us for free RV removal!

We can remove your 1995 make or newer RV for free in California and neighboring states!

We are your RV removal specialists. Have your RV wreck towed for free today!

Complete the form to tell us more about your RV and we will work around your schedule to remove it fast and free.

If you have an old RV – running or not – and you want it out from your property, contact us today to work a schedule together!

At the moment we’re only disposing 1995

or newer models

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We can remove your RV for free in California and neighboring states!

What RV Models Can We Remove for Free?

Many people have old RVs or salvage title campers that have fallen into disrepair. Do you need us to get rid of your vehicle as soon as possible? We can remove for free the following vehicles in your area:

Class A RVs

Class B RVs

Class C RVs

Travel Trailers

Truck Campers

Pop-up Campers


Fifth Wheelers

Toy Haulers

Our Pros at Hey RV Can Remove Your RV for Free Today

Free RV Disposal in Just 3 Easy Steps:

Get in Touch with Us

Fill out the form or contact us to discuss more about your old RV, trailer, camper, fifth wheeler, etc. We are a licensed RV removal company supplying free removal services no matter the size and condition of your junk RV. All we need from you are some details so we can plan the service carefully.

Set Up the Details

If you have the title or salvage title for your vehicle, we can schedule the free removal at a convenient time for you.

Schedule RV Removal

We will haul the old camper away and deal with the proper paperwork as soon as possible  from the moment you contacted us.

We’re Disposing your Junk RV Anywhere in the US

HeyRV is a Nationwide Company & We can pick up your Camper from California & neighboring states up to the Entire US

Why Choose Us to Remove Your RV for Free?

If you want to get rid of your old camper or junk trailer, here’s why you should try us now!

Most RV removal services are not 100% free. Junk RV removing companies ask for some labor, disposal, or recycling fees. We don’t! Our Junk RV removal service in your area is completely free.


We remove old campers, fifth wheelers, campers, motorhomes, and RVs for free in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon.


If paperwork is of concern, remember that we take care of everything. All you need to do is have the title.

We are a professional and certified RV removing company that will get you rid of your old vehicle without causing a mess on your property or endanger the environment.
We can remove RVs for free no matter their condition.
Free RV Removal

Frequently Asked Questions about our RV Disposal Service

What Options do I Have to Dispose of my RV?

Old and wrecked RV owners can get rid of their vehicles in several ways. If the RV is still working, you can drive it to a landfill or a scrap yard. If it is not working, you can have a company remove it for you for a price.

Some harder solutions include cutting it up and dismembering it to remove it for parts and scrap metal. Instead of wasting time and money getting your camper off your property, you can contact us for a free RV removal service in your area.

Where is your RV Disposal Service Available?

HeyRV is a Nationwide Company and we can help you dispose of your junk RVs regardless of your location. 

We’re always ready to come & pick-up your old trailer in a matter of 48h

Will You Remove my RV No Matter its Condition?

Yes, we will remove your travel trailer, RV, camper, fifth wheeler or motorhome in California and neighboring states no matter your vehicle’s condition.

We will want to know the details (the vehicle is running or not, engine is working, flat tires or not, clean or salvage title, rodent infestation, leaks, the state of the roof and the exterior, etc.) to be able to remove the vehicle properly. As a certified RV removal company, we know how to remove the vehicle in any circumstance.

How Soon Can You Remove my RV from my Property?

We come to pick-up your Junk RV within 48 hours!

Once we establish the details and work out a convenient schedule

If you want to get rid of your unsightly wrecked camper or RV but don’t know how to start, learn here more from our clients’ most frequently asked questions. If you still want information on our free RV removal service in California and neighboring states, please contact us!

Sell My RV Fast, Easy, and Safe!

We buy all types of RVs at the best prices, regardless of their quality and condition. Everything can happen very quickly and without wasted time on your part.

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